the gold edition

The Gold Guide: Beach Reads

Juicy reads for when your weekend to-do list consists of: putting on a bikini & sitting in the sand. PS - If you need a book bag we've got you covered. Meet Le Tote.

The West Village Gold List : Welcome to our ‘hood.

Now that we are all settled in the West Village boutique, Ariane has the low down on some local favorites. BEST BRUNCH ⇣ CAFE CLUNY A classic french bistro on a charming West Village corner, Cafe Cluny is a longstanding favorite Prettiest Blooms ⇣ VSF Not your basic blooms.

Meet Morgan Shara

Morgan Shara is magical…no joke! She is a ray of sunshine that lights up every room she enters. So it makes sense that Morgan created MAS Bisjoux, her lust-worthy collection of jewelry that is centered around Magix The Unicorn – A symbol that protects ad spreads positive energy. “From the moment I met Morgan, I […]

goldno.8 Style Guide

Style Guide Which look best suits your personality today? 1. Strong Woman ft. The Reversible Backpack ($265) . 2. World Traveler ft. The Reversible Shopper ($95) 3. Hot Mama ft. The Reversible Carryall ($265) 4. Working Girl ft. The Reversible Crossbody ($125) […]

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