the gold edition

The Spring 2018 Wardrobe Updates

We hear it’s Spring somewhere, but NOT in New York. If the sunshine hasn’t caught up with you yet, take it as a chance for extra time to finalize your Spring wardrobe. On the heels of Fashion Month, we’ve got the roundup for the swaps you need to make from last year’s closet.

Sell Your: Florals. Buy Some: Checks.

The classic 80’s checked plaid is back. Keep it sleek with a neutral-toned checked blazer, or get bold with a multicolored mixed-patterned maxi skirt. Honestly, the more it clashes, the better.

Sell Your: Cold Shoulders. Buy Some: Puff Sleeves.

As fashion often does, it’s gone from one extreme to the other in just one season. All those sexy peekaboo-shoulder tops you bought last year? This Spring, it’s all about giant, puffy shoulders.

Sell Your: Denim Cutoffs. Buy Some: Power Shorts.

You’ve got to love a Daisy Duke, but this season, try the 2018 version of the Power Suit: structured, high-waisted fabric shorts, matched with a blouse and a blazer (preferably checked).

Chanel RTW Spring 2018

Sell Your: Lace. Buy Some: Plastic.

Do you remember the classic film Life-Size, in which Tyra Banks is a Barbie doll who comes to life and has the most phenomenal wardrobe any 6 to 65-year-old has ever seen? It’s happening IRL. 90’s Barbie-inspired plastic skirts, hats and jackets are a serious thing this year, and we’re very excited.

Sell Your: Espadrilles. Buy Some: Sneaks.

Fashion sneakers aren’t going anywhere, which is excellent news for our feet. Get wild with colors, patterns, and textures — you don’t have to take sneakers seriously.


Sell Your: Celine. Buy A: Bag in Bag.

Just kidding, you can keep your Celine. But maybe add the newest thing in accessories to your collection: the double bag. With goldno.8, you can even totally customize your own to match your personal style.