the gold edition

Raw Refined

At goldno.8 we pride ourselves on making life simpler for our customers.  Our line was founded on the idea that we could create a product that would make the  modern woman’s life easier… effortless.  In the spirit ease, we have curated some images of dwellings and feelings that reflect a raw sensibility begging to give comfort in its un-fussiness.

Simple seating in a refined palette with sculptural statement objet create a pointinterest without the clutter.  Image at left: taken from the Instagram of retail concept developer Lakeside Collaborative  Image at right: via Serge Mouille who makes the most amazing minimal yet sculptural  lamps –

Image at left: Nestled among the forest and fields of Sant Mori, in a rural village located between Figueres and Girona, this dwelling designed by Mesura Architects creates a warm space with clean serenity.  Image at right: A Chlorphillia Fashion Editorial featuring simple clothing and just plants  via

Image at left:  Celine Paris who customs the most gorgeous and perfectly sculpted shapes for the modern woman.  For an effortless look to not be thought twice about.  Image at right: A few small details like simple rose gold fixtures and charcoal grey concrete make this clean lined shower ultra luxe.

Image at left: A bedroom built on the curve with a wall of concrete giving way to a wall of glass and a view of the garden.  Image at right: A chic and classic incarnation of our signature Reversible Crossbody on a backdrop of raw wood, slate and marble.  To buy now:

Image at left: Simple pleasures like this surf shack offer clean lines and minimal landscaping for a no fuss weekend getaway.  Image at right: A living room scene featuring perfect concrete walls raw and offering decorum only via the light that hits them.  Designed by Architect, Tadao Ando.

Image at left: Another simple frame beach house with glass walls so you can be one with the ocean even if indoors.  Image at right: A single plant in a clean bath for much needed aromatherapy.

Image at left: Beautiful rattan – timeless and warm, the perfect companion to equally organic adobe walls and concrete flooring.  Image at right: Where the raw elements meets manmade accouterments – Piscina das Marés Porto by Álvaro Siza Vieira.