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Meet Samantha Steen

Meet: Samantha Steen


The only thing I love more than a fellow female entrepreneur is a fellow CANADIAN female entrepreneur. Samantha Steen is all of the above. Samantha founded the covetable brand CAMI NYC – Quite possibly the best camisoles you will ever wear!

“I am beyond thrilled that we will be hosting CAMI NYC at the goldno.8 x Thursdays boutique at 332 Bleeker Street from October 15- October 21. So stop by and pick up a cami or 2!” – xo, Ariane


Q: What inspired you to create CAMI NYC? 

” I was looking for something I couldn’t find. I wanted a silk camisole with lace detailing that was not in the lingerie department. I was searching for the perfect cami that could take me from day to night and every store I went to said the same thing “We don’t have that but we wish we did!”



Q: I believe in CAMI- and wear them almost every day! What makes CAMI NYC unique in the world of camisoles?

We provide so many offerings. We are the 1 stop cami shop where you can find many different silhouettes in a range of colors.”

Q: What’s next for CAMI NYC? 

” I am excited to announce that our Bridal Collection will be launching with a handful of retailers for Spring 19!” 


Q: Do you have any life hacks that get you through the day?

” The #1 app used on my phone is my white noise app called Bed Time Fan. It is the the only thing that lets me have a good nigh sleep, especially when I am traveling.” 


The 8 list with Samantha Steen 

  1. First three songs on your playlist: “Fire and Rain by James Taylor, “Hold On’ by James Cherry and “Holocene” by Bon Iver.
  2. Beauty Ritual: My night time routine. I use Beauty Counter and Sisley products.
  3. Three things in your goldno.8: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, Air Pods, and iPhone.
  4. On Your Bucket List: an African safari
  5. Always in your fridge: La Croix
  6. Favorite Exercise class: Physique 57
  7. Favorite City: A tie between Toronto and NYC
  8. Favorite Vacation Spot: Miami

Q: Which goldno.8 do you wear? 

” The Trapezoid Clutch. I love how classic it is. It can go with any outfit!” 


Get Her Look!

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