the gold edition

Meet Morgan Shara

Morgan Shara is magical…no joke! She is a ray of sunshine that lights up every room she enters. So it makes sense that Morgan created MAS Bisjoux, her lust-worthy collection of jewelry that is centered around Magix The Unicorn – A symbol that protects ad spreads positive energy. 

“From the moment I met Morgan, I could tell were kindred spirits. We have since joined forces to create Magix The Unicorn x goldno.8 Pins and Snaps – A celebration of magic, fun &  fashion!” 

xo – Ariane 



Q: What inspired you to create MAS Bisjoux?

 ” I lost my mom to cancer 10 years ago. After her passing I began to redesign her old jewelry into new, custom designs my sister and I could wear. As I explored jewelry design, I had the opportunity to collaborate with my friend, Karin Hansen. This led me to discover Magix The Unicorn. This was my “ah ha moment” moment. I redesigned this magical symbol in the memory of my mom and all the love and positivity she represented. MAS Bisjoux has become my personal project of spreading hope, peace, love, and joy. Magix is the new evil eye and the ultimate symbol of the power of positivity”. 


Q: What makes MAS Bisjoux unique in the world of jewelry? 

” Magix The Unicorn’s message. My approach to having an authentic and inclusive relationship with our customers is to be hands – on and communicate with our tribe. My personal goal with MAS Bisjoux and Magix The Unicorn is to spread love and promote positivity. It does not matter where you come from, what you look like, your religion, your preference, history, or status. To me, Magix The Unicorn is the new evil eye, but instead of guarding off evil, it protects us by spreading magic. The powerful, positive energy it emits will only allow the same energy to enter.”



Q: How does your goldno.8 work for your lifestyle? 

” True to its name, The Reversible Carryall Tote really does carry it all! With 3 kids I carry my life in my bag. Im always on the go and goldno.8 bags are perfect, because they are lightweight, durable, and so fashionable.”


Q: Are you a minimalist with your goldno.8 or do you max it out? 

” Max it out! I love color and anything rainbow! Now with our MAS Bisjoux x goldno.8 collaboration im able to max out my goldno.8 carryall bag in our Magix The Unicorn Snaps!”


1. Always in your goldno.8? 

“lip gloss, wallet, gold notepad with my life written down.”

2. Fave restaurant? 

“Obsessed with Asian. Japense, Thai, Chinese. Love it all.”

3. Fave Store? 

” Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Or Saks!”

4. Favorite City? 

” Miami, my new home!”

5. Sweet or Savory? 

” Savory”

6. Chocolate or Vanilla? 

” Chocolate”

7. goldno.8 of choice? 

” The Reversible Carryall”

8. In your fridge? 

” Dr.Praegars, TJ cauliflower rice, chicken”