the gold edition

Meet Chelsea Milkman

Theres nothing I love more than seeing a fellow New York City woman follower her passion and launch a business, especially one that is as creative as The Dough Project.

Chelsea’s line of of homemade, all natural play dough is popping up in the goldno.8 x Thursday’s pop up in the west village from dec 10- 16. Stop by with your kiddos and have some fun with us!

xo – Ariane 

Q: What inspired you to create the dough project?

” I wanted to build a brand that supported the values I had as a classroom teacher, and to create a product/tool that would be available to families all over the country. And so, I created the dough project.”

Q: What makes The Dough Project unique in

the world of play dough?

” Our dough is handmade in New York City, with all natural ingredients. Utilizing plant pigments for coloring, and organic pantry staples. Dough comes in clear, sleek jars, that are light enough to bring on the go, and cool enough to have out on a restaurant table.”


Q: Which goldno.8 do you wear?

 ” Can’t live without my goldno.8 Carryall! Its black and I just love the little pop of color the cute pins add! Im all about embracing my inner child (obviously, I make play dough for a living) and being able to have a unicorn, smiley face, and heart on my everyday bag just makes me really happy!” 

Q: Have you found your work/life balance? If so, how?

“Hard, no. But i’m always trying! When you work for yourself, its nearly impossible to get off the clock . But I do try really hard to make time for things and people I love” 





Q: How does goldno.8 work with your busy lifestyle?

” Im all about balance, and to me, my goldno.8 is the perfect balance of fun and practical!”


The 8 List with Chelsea Milkman

1. On your bucket list?


2. Always in your fridge?

Sparkling Water, Apples, Haribo peaches.

3. Favorite Restaurant?

Bar Sardine or Westville

4. App you cant live without?

Asana, GlamSquad,  and Amazon Prime. 

5. Beach or Lake?


6. Sweet or Savory?


7. Favorite exercise class?

Free style flow at Modo Yoya.

8. goldno.8 minimalist or max?

Total Minimalist.