the gold edition

Meet Abbie Boudreau

Abbie is a force – equal parts brain and beauty. Oh, and she’s funny and she likes to dance while doing her dishes – so she’s definitely my kind of girl!


“Recently, Abbie took a break from her day job as an Emmy-Award winning journalist to launch her passion project – Sockabu! Sockabu is now my go to gift for any toddler on the list.” – Xo, Ariane 

Q: What inspired you to take the leap and create Sockabu? 

” As a journalist, I have always been inspired by the stories of entrepreneurs. Deep down, I have always wanted to be one- I just never had a strong enough idea worth pursuing! When I became a mom, I was puzzle why my baby was always ripping off his socks. I realized it was because he was trying to play with his toes! This is when Sockabu was created. I thought it would be cool if there was a sock that allowed babies to play with their toes, while still having their feet warm and cozy. I googled my idea and it did not exist, so I decided to make them myself!”

Q: What were your biggest challenges when launching your Sockabu socks? 

“My biggest challenges arose during the deisgn and manufacturing phases. My initial prototypes consisted of baby socks that i had cut off the toe portion of, and then stitched a “flip” to the top of the sock. I tried to have this recreated by sock manufacturers – both in the U.S. and China. I was never happy with the quality. It took years to finally find the proper manufacturing technique, and now we have the perfect seamless sock that kids and parents are loving! Sockabu socks are manufactured in North Carolina, which is a dream come true!”

Q: How do you accomplish work/life balance? 

” I believe in embracing an UNBALANCED life! I feel like women have placed too much pressure on ourselves to find work/life balance. When you think about it “Balance” requires perfection to achieve. And we all know that perfection doesn’t exist”


Q: How does your goldno.8 work for your lifestyle? 

” I love my goldno.8!! It’s literally a 2- in- 1 bag that can transform to match my daily vibe. As a mom with two little kids , I use my carryall to hold snacks and toys on-the-go! I also love using it for a night out with girlfriends or during interview shoots for Good Morning America! It is super versatile and easy to clean!”

The 8 List With Abbie Boudreau

  1. Always in your goldno.8? -Tic Tac Gum, Goldfish and Sockabu Socks 🙂
  2. On your bucket list? – Ireland
  3. Dogs or Cats? – Dogs
  4. Favorite Vaca Spot? – Kauiai
  5. Go-to exercise class? – Chasing my toddler!
  6. Sweet or Savory? – Sweet ( I love dark chocolate!! )
  7. Beach or Lake? – Beach
  8. In your Fridge? – Ripple Chocolate Pea Milk, Sriracha, Greek Yogurt


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