Best Fashion Collabs You Haven’t Seen Yet

Fashion was once an exclusive arena — the trends were dictated by the style elite. Outside of the designers themselves and maybe an influential editor or celebrity, the customer didn’t have much of a voice in their clothes, shoes and bags.

That’s been changing over the past few years, thanks to the revolutionary growth of social media. Suddenly, you, the shopper, are the most important influencer. Your “like” and “follow” are vital social currency, deeming one brand cool and another irrelevant.

Fashion houses have started looking to their audience for guidance, creating a culture of collaborations between fresh, new brands and even bloggers.

While those exclusive collaborations definitely release some lust-worthy pieces, are they really speaking to you? Taste is so incredibly personal. You could be loving the Off-White x Jimmy Choo Elisabeth boot but also thinking — did they really have to wrap that entire shoe in tulle? Or who knows, maybe you’d make the splurge for a Kith x Louis Vuitton keepall if there was a white shoulder strap option.

But here’s the thing: when it comes to your wardrobe, YOU are the only influencer who matters.

Enter goldno.8: the first luxury designer brand to collaborate directly with you. A goldno.8 bag is an entirely customizable experience — your color, textile, pattern and decorative decisions come together to create a one-of-a-kind piece that’s tailored to your personal style.


Design Your Bag

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